(Formerly DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP))


The Google Ad Manager Station Guide illustrates how to add your inventory to Google Ad Manager. Google Ad Manager is an advertisement software as a service application run by Google and is available to local station videos only. Learn more 

The examples below demonstrate only the basic fields that need to be filled out. You can of course add more information but this page shows you how to add just the basics. 

Sponsorship messaging can be added at the show level and can be controlled under the Additional Data tab at the asset level. Metadata entered into the platform is passed to the ad server in the form of tags that can be targeted. 

Pre-roll is available on desktop, mobile web, iOS and Android mobile apps, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV.

How to use 

If you do not yet have access to Google Ad Manager, please fill out this form and we’ll add you to the system.

If you have existing orders, they will display in the table. If this is your first order, the table will be empty (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1

If you are using Google Ad Manager for the first time there will be no companies listed.

Figure 2

Figure 3

The creative size for video always needs to be 400x300v. This size is a placeholder and is not indicative of the video size that is displayed live. When you upload your assets as a 400x300v, Google Ad Manager will automatically transcode the assets into a variety of file types and sizes. Google Ad Manager will then serve the appropriate version according to the user’s bandwidth/connection and device.

Figure 4

Figure 5

Fields that display in the Settings section change according to what you choose in the Type dropdown menu. Learn more about line item types

Figure 6

Figure 7

This section demonstrates how to designate where your ad is going to run. 

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

Figure 11

This section demonstrates how to attach your sponsorship message to content. 

Figure 12

Figure 13

Figure 14

Please do not target content outside of your local station content. It will not work.

Figure 15

Figure 16

Figure 17

This section demonstrates how to upload your sponsorship message to Google Ad Manager.

Figure 18

Figure 19

See PBS creative specs

Figure 20

It may take a few minutes for your sponsorship message to transcode. You do not have to wait for the transcoding process to finish before clicking Save.

Figure 21

Figure 22

Figure 23

Figure 24

Need trafficking help?  Please contact Google Ad Manager Support, publisher-support@google.com.  The Google Ad Manager help icon located in the upper right corner of the screen is also very useful for basic questions.

If you have any account related questions, please contact mrvogrin@pbs.org.