What is event tracking?

Media Manager (formerly COVE) Video Event tracking refers to the act of passing codes to a Google-hosted analytics tool and returning tracking information to users. Google Analytics makes it possible to track certain video metrics using event tracking features supported in the Media Manager video playback environment such as:

What is an event?

In Google Analytics an “event” can be anything from a user clicking something, such as the Share button in the player, to the moment the system performs an action (i.e. a video loading in a player). We have identified a series of events that allow us to track Media Manager video usage. While this is not a perfect system, you will get all the important information you need. The best part is, it’s already incorporated into your existing PBS Google Analytics account!

It is important to understand that this system is only able to track events that occur within the Media Manager player, and in some cases, an action isn’t always a clear indicator of a behavior.  To gain a clear understanding of what events are tracked, refer to the How to Track Specific Metrics section of this guide.

Important details

* Analytics data is not available prior to 2010. 

What you will need

How to begin

Video metrics are not reported and event tracking will not begin if Google Analytics codes have not been added to your pages in Media Manager.

How to track specific metrics

(warning) The following reports reflect the current look and feel of Google Analytics.

This section provides instructions on how to track:

Reference materials

The Reference Materials section of this guide contains a glossary of terms, related links and a map of how we've structured our event tracking. 

Let us know

We have outlined the basics in this guide. If you have any ideas or questions about how to track metrics beyond what we have explained here please let us know. Type your comments in the textbox provided below or on any page in this guide.