You have decided to create a mobile app - that's great!  Before submitting an app proposal to PBS, you must first think about what you want to accomplish with your app then design a concept and a plan.  This section provides some ideas and recommendations to help get you started.   

Remember, a well thought out plan leads to a smooth development process! 


What goals do you want to achieve with your app?  How will you define and measure metrics?

Some key goals might include:


What are the key features and functionality? How does it serve audience needs?

Developing concepts

(lightbulb) PBS Recommendations:


Some elements that need to be considered in the planning phase include:

Submitting your proposal to PBS

The earlier you can send us your planning documents / proposal, the more likely we are to be in a position to advise and support the app.

Decision factors in PBS review:

We intend to have an iterative dialog with producers around each app proposal and seek Q&A, as opposed to this being a one-shot review meeting.

Ultimate outcomes:

Distant projects:

Key Development Stages