One of the fastest, most dependable ways to build traffic to your blog is to get other blogs and web sites to link to your content. Readers of a blog that links to yours will discover your blog, and could become regulars. More importantly, Google and other search engines see the number of links to your blog as a measure of quality. The more links to your blog, the higher your blog will rise on search engine results pages. [If the blogs that link to yours rank highly themselves, so much the better.]

Getting Others to Link to Your Blog
1. Ask other bloggers you already know, friends, colleagues, family members, to add your blog to their blogroll if appropriate. [A blogroll is a list of links to related blogs that usually appears on a blog’s sidebar.] This is an easy start.

2. Begin to develop relationships with bloggers who cover similar topics, are in your geographic area or who otherwise may have a readership you’d like to attract. Several tactics:

The steps above sound deliberate, but they often happen quickly and casually. You may find that as soon as you comment on someone’s blog the author will drop you a note, thank you for the link and ask if you’d like one in return.
Why start with three blogs and then add five more? Spreading your attention across too many blogs at once will be less effective. You need to focus your energies.

Be aware that links to your specific content are more valuable than links to your blog as a whole. Once you develop relationships with others in the blogosphere they’ll become readers of your blog---and likely will begin linking to your content.
When you write a particularly worthwhile post, let those other bloggers know about it. Sometimes they’ll link to it.
Remember: The better and more original and useful your content, the more incoming links you’ll get. This is one way in which search engines really do reward quality.

Things to Keep in Mind