What is PMP?

Public Media Platform, or PMP, is a repository of content created by public media partners around the country and include NPR, PBS, PRI, PRX and APM. All content has been proofed, edited, and is ready to include on your Bento site through the use of the Explorer Custom Promo component.

Why PMP?

We know that many stations around the country operate with limited staff who end up taking on several roles. Taking the time to create, review, and edit content is often just not possible. Well, PMP makes it possible. Choose articles and videos from PMP's library of publicly approved content and quickly and easily add them to your website. 

How can I use PMP?

Bento offers a couple of different ways to add PMP content to your Bento site. You can add it through the Explorer Custom Promo component placed on your Bento pages and your blog entries.

How do I get started?

To start adding PMP content to your Bento site, you must first request access to PMP content via this form.

Watch the video!

Check out this video to learn more about PMP.


  • For questions regarding product access, contact your digital representative at digital-support@pbs.org.
  • For questions related to your station's PMP content rights, please contact Marc Pultuskier, Director, Product & Development at marc@publicmediaplatform.org.