Type of Inventory

The inventory covered by these policies includes:

  1. Display:
    1. IAB Standard Units on Producer Sites (sizes include: 728x90, 970x90, 970x250, 300x250, 300x600, 320x50 & 728x90 Mobile Units)
  2. In-stream Video:
    1. Pre-roll up to 30 seconds in length, and companion unit (where present) with every video stream of 3 minutes or longer in PBS Media Manager. The companion display unit is 728x90 pixels in size and its presence is dependent on the player environment.
      1. Video plus companion unit will be distributed on video pages throughout the PBS.org video portal and station players. The companion display unit is tied to the respective in-stream video message and is persistent throughout the video or until the next instream message is displayed.
      2. Video without companion will be distributed via the partner player on program web sites as well as via a viral player that may be distributed to third party sites.
    2. Mid-roll will no longer be available on chaptered video.

Inventory Allocation

Additional Inventory

  1. Logo Placement on Show Pages: Logos will be served via Curate on the show page and deliver at 100% SOV.
    1. Each logo must be 120x60 pixels
    2. Up to 3 National Corporate Sponsors can be recognized
  2. Funder Text: All on-air sponsors can also be recognized in the PBS video portal in text adjacent to the streaming video window and on the program show page. Specs can be found in the Web Policy Manual.
    1. https://docs.pbs.org/display/PX/Editorial+Policies+and+Specifications#EditorialP oliciesandSpecifications-FunderRecognition

Ad Serving Fees

PBS will use Google Ad Manager to ad-serve sponsorships for display and video. Sponsorship delivery incurs an ad-serving fee that will be passed back to the producer and/or sales agent.

Hosted Creative: Creative assets are delivered from Google Ad Manager ad-server

3rd Party Creative: Creative assets are delivered from Sponsor/Agency server

Creative Review and Submission

All digital funder creative must be reviewed and approved by PBS, per the current online sponsorship guidelines. (See Addendum) If a video credit is already approved for on-air use, then it is automatically approved for online streaming, however, the producer must ensure that all rights cleared for on-air use are also cleared for online use.

Producers should submit banner creative and pre-roll to Gina Felix (gmfelix@pbs.org) and Matt Vogrin (mrvogrin@pbs.org) at least 5 business days prior to start date. New creative will be launched Monday thru Thursday. Creative will not be launched Friday thru Sunday.

Category Exclusivity 

The producer will decide category exclusivity for sponsors.


PBS will provide campaign reporting on a monthly basis. Reports will contain the following data points for both display and video:

PBS Obligations

Producer Obligations

Display Implementation

For new sites, PBS will work with producers on their sponsorship strategy and provide the ad-server codes and instructions as needed.

Video Implementation

For new programs, PBS will work with the producer on their sponsorship strategy. Video message capability is automatically built into Media Manager. Technical work by the producer is not required.

Key Contacts


General Requirements

All PBS Digital Creative may include:

Digital Creative may not include:

Survey Policy 


1 Promo codes, offer codes, coupon codes, and web addresses with PBS tracking language will continue to be prohibited in broadcast spots.