The What's On component displays your station's television schedule in a condensed, easy to read format. What's On Kids displays Kids programming based on a station's call letter. Viewers can see your station's programming schedule at the current time or view primetime programming. You also have the option to link to your full station programming schedule from the What's On component so users can view your entire lineup for the week. 

When users first arrive at your What's On component, the current day and time is displayed by default and a dropdown menu at the top of the component allows users to choose which specific version of your channel they want to view. 

Implementing the What's On component will make your website the go-to place for quick broadcast information!


How to implement What's On / What's On Kids

To add the What's On component to your Bento site, be sure you or your site admin have requested the JAWS API Integration when setting up your Bento site. Once this API key has been assigned to your site, you only need to add the What's On component to a block on a page of your site.

  • In a block on your page, the plus sign (Figure 1.1) and in the Schedules section, click What's On (Figure 1.2).

Figure 1


  • Click the What's On component icon to bring up the settings on the left column (Figure 2.1)
  • The settings display for this component (Figure 2.2). Take note of the text at the bottom confirming that your destination is configured properly. 
  • To display Kids content only, click the Display kids only toggle so it displays ON (Figure 2.3).

If you experience any issues with the What's On component, check with your Site Admin to be sure the destination has been configured properly in the Site Settings section.


Figure 2

  • That's it! Click Save to save your page and click Preview to view your What's On component on your site (Figure 3).

Figure 3