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All producers must follow the production requirements outlined below. If you have any questions about the requirements, please reach out to your program manager.

Required elements

  1. Series or film preview clip between 30 seconds and 2 minutes in length, delivered to the specifications below.
  2. Approximately 550 words of body copy written for viewers.
  3. A high-resolution 1920x1080 pixels image for every video that PBS will publish, including previews and full episodes.  This will be used as the main, central image displayed when videos are not playing. See example
  4. Two additional hi-resolution images for secondary and tertiary images.
  5. Brief image captions, no more than 150 characters, including spaces, each.
  6. Image credits.
  7. NOLA code for the program. Please include both the 4-letter NOLA Root and the 6 digit episode code (if applicable).

     What's NOLA?

    NOLA Episode

    NOLA Episode is the six digit numeric code that identifies a specific episode within a program. NOLA Episode codes can be found at under Program Schedule > Program Summary Finder.

    NOLA Root

    NOLA Root is the four letter broadcast code that represents a program and is assigned to every broadcast on PBS.

  8. Producer name(s) and link(s) to websites if applicable.
  9. Name of the copyright holder.
  10. Program feed or air date.
  11. A 200 x 70 pixel white or gray scale program logo.
  12. A 454 x 255 pixel stack card image with the program¹s logo, similar to what you see in the carousel at
  13. Time codes to indicate location of chapter breaks (1 break required for 30 min program; 2-3 required for longer programs.  Chapter breaks should be located at natural narrative breakpoints.).
  14. Thumbnail image (142 x 60 pixels) for each chapter break.
  15. Suggested title for each chapter (maximum 60 characters, including spaces).

Required content for programs with 3 or more episodes

  1. Additional preview clips for each episode of the series, delivered to the mezzanine video file specifications.
  2. A 950 x 350 pixel background image for the video portal program page, similar to what you see in the background at
  3. A 200 x 70 pixel white or gray scale program logo.
  4. A 454 x 255 pixel stack card image with the program’s logo, similar to what you see in the carousel at

Optional content

  1. SMPTE-TT/DFXP, SCC or SAMI file for closed captioning of video submitted by the producer.
  2. Links to relevant external sites or materials, along with context as to why they are relevant to users. Example: “Watch exclusive interviews, read original essays, and learn how your kids can start a business.”
  3. Hi-resolution funder and producer logos (jpegs) and links to their websites.
  4. Producers with three or more episodes can provide 250 characters or less of funder/underwriting text as seen at
  5. ShopPBS DVD box image (jpeg).
  6. Short description of product on ShopPBS – no more than 100 characters including spaces. Usually something like “Own this video about…”
  7. Keywords that may be helpful as search terms.

Video technical specifications

  1. File Format: MPEG-4 (.mp4)
  2. Total Stream BitRate: 5 Mbps Video Stream
  3. Codec: AVC (H.264)
  4. Frame Size 16/9: 1280 x 720
  5. Frame Size 4/3: 960 x 720
  6. Frame Rate: 30 fps
  7. Video Standard: NTSC
  8. Scan Type: Progressive
  9. Video Stream BitRate: 4808 Kbps
  10. Video Stream BitRate Mode: VBR Audio Stream
  11. Codec: AAC
  12. Audio Stream BitRate: 192 Kbps
  13. Audio Stream BitRate Mode: CBR
  14. Number of Audio Channels: 2 (Stereo)
  15. Audio Channel's Positions: L, R
  16. Sampling Rate: 48 KHz
  17. Bit Depth: 16 bits