The launch of COVE 2.0 has been scheduled for 7am tomorrow morning (11/10/11) EST.

The launch will consist of 2 things:

  1. The new PBS Video portal going live. The new portal will replace the old one at You will only notice a few changes in the new portal.
  2. The New COVE Admin Tool going live.

Producers do not have to change anything in their daily COVE workflow after this launch. You will be able to continue to publish videos and manage your stacks from the COVE Admin Tool you are currently using (now being called the "Legacy Admin Tool"). The only difference you'll experience is an increase in publishing time and an inability to make changes to your Program Page.

As with any large product release there are going to be some kinks to work out. When the new portal goes live tomorrow, you may notice a few small data issues (e.g. some videos appearing in the wrong order). Please do not attempt to fix these problems on your own. We are aware of the situation and will be working diligently to fix all issues shortly after launch. We expect that most of these problems will be resolved within the next week. If you notice that a problem is persisting beyond that time frame please file a Video JIRA ticket and let us know. 

If you notice an urgent issue that requires immediate attention tomorrow, please contact your program manager or file a Video JIRA ticket.

After launch we will make a few additional tweaks to the New COVE Admin Tool and then begin to migrate producers into the new system. Our current estimate is that this migration will begin in earnest the first week of December. We will be contacting you shortly to schedule your migration and training on the new admin.

Please don't hesitate to contact your program manager or Dan Haggerty ( if you have any questions or concerns regarding this launch.

We are excited to finally bring you these new products and we look forward to working with you to realizing all the benefits they offer.