Congratulations!  If you are reading this page it probably means your app is ready to be reviewed by all stakeholders and submitted to the app store for approval so that it can be released to the market.  This section outlines the process and provides guidelines for all of the elements involved in the process.  Included are details on:

(plus) Take a look at Apple's Best Practices page - here you will find some really great tips and insider information on submitting your app to the store.

Metadata items

In order to release an app in the iTunes store, a number of metadata items must be uploaded to iTunes Connect prior to launch in the iTunes store. Many of these items can be provided early in the process, so begin assembling this data as you are developing the app concept. In addition, you'll be required to submit art assets per Apple's specifications and requirements.  View Artwork Requirements 

 (info) Review Apple's app submission tips for guidance on some metadata fields. An Apple Developer login is required to access this page.

 Click here to see where some metadata items surface in iTunes

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(blue star) Fill out and submit your metadata information


The table below defines each metadata item along with some tips from Apple. 

App Title

The title you select for your app is perhaps one of the most important aspects to marketing your app and can distinguish your app in the App Store. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a title for your app or changing the title of your app.

  • Create a memorable app title. A short, concise, and memorable title will leave an impression on potential customers. Let your app name draw attention and use the marketing description to provide the features.
  • Be sure the title you submit in iTunes Connect matches the title within your app. Inconsistent naming of your app can lead to customer confusion and could affect user experience and the quality of reviews submitted for your app.

(warning) You can change the name of your existing app only when submitting an update of your app binary. If you submit an app name which is already in use within the same geography in which your app is sold, you will have to enter another name.  PBS can advise on this.

Short Form Title Shows on device screen below icon.  Determined when compiling project.
App Description
  • Should be no longer than 4000 characters and no fewer than 10 characters.
  • Start with a lead – max 250 characters. The first sentence should be short and convey the primary focus of the app; later text should emphasize the depth of content.
  • Outline the key features of the app:
    • What's so special about the app?
    • Can you break into key features, each under a header?
  • If educational, be specific about the curriculum.
  • Quantify the number of videos, pictures, games, mazes, phonemic sounds, whatever is quantifiable.
  • Describe any personalization, customization, social media, game leveling, high scores, etc.
  • Who are the main character or hosts featured? If any of these characters would be recognizable to viewers of the show, call them out in the app description and search terms.

1-2 sentences about the app producers and the program.  

Example: [if co-funded:] The [NAME] app was developed by [developer] in partnership with PBS and [producer name], the producers of [program name]. The TV series is designed to [fill in the blank here…]  For more exciting [program name] content, visit [program site URL].

Release Date

Date when your app will be available for purchase on the App Store. If your app has not been approved by Apple before this date, it will go live as soon as it has been approved.  The date you select is a global date and applies to all territories selected. If you change this date, the new date applies to all versions of your application.

CategoryChoose the primary category that best describes your application.  Choose from:  Book, Business, Catalogs, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Games, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Medical, Music, Navigation, News, Photo & Video, Productivity, Reference, Social Networking, Sports, Travel, Utilities, Weather.
PricePlease provide the iTunes price tier.  If you intend to market your application internationally, do not include pricing information in your application name, marketing text, or icon, as it can lead to user confusion. Let the App Store list the price of your application, as it appropriately sets the price for the intended region.

US, US-Canada, Worldwide, etc. – must be confirmed from distribution agreement.


The name of the person or entity that owns the exclusive rights to the app, preceded by the year the rights were obtained.  This should always be <current year> Public Broadcasting Service.

SKU The SKU is generated during the submission process 
Keywords100 characters maximum including spaces. Be very careful when selecting these keywords as they can not be changed without uploading a new app binary. Do your research! 
URLsWebsite URL and Support URL. 
Support EmailPlease provide the email address of a person or inbox that can accept technical support queries in the form of  This is usually someone at the app developer.
Special Instructions (if any)These are notes about the app that do not surface on the front end.  Use this field to document important notes about your app.

Refer to complete artwork guidelines

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Refer to complete artwork guidelines

Artwork for iTunes store and PBS promotions

Click here to review complete artwork guidelines

(plus) Take a look at Apple's Best Practices page - here you will find some really great tips and insider information on submitting your app to the store.

Publishing review process

Once you feel that your app is ready to be shared with the world, review the steps below to learn what happens next.

  • Producer must provide PBS point of contact with a link to download and view the app.
  • Stakeholders review the app to be sure it meets all specs, QA, and the final release checklist.
  • Once the stakeholders approve your app, send the binary to your PBS point of contact.
  • We will submit the binary to the appropriate app store for approval. 

 (info) PBS has no control over when or if the app gets approved by the app store.  The approval process can take anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks.

(warning) If the Producer is not the developer of the app, the Producer must review everything before sending to PBS.

The launch process

Once your app has been approved by stakeholders and the app store, review the following information to understand what happens next:

  • PBS notifies the team and producer that the app has been approved by the app store.  
  • Producer is responsible for providing marketing materials such as a press release, advertisements, tentpole event (an event designed around the app release), and press tour.
  • If the app is related to a PBS program, the app should be scheduled to appear in the store right before the program air date.

My app was not approved - what now?

Don't worry.  If your app gets rejected by either the stakeholders or the app store, both parties will give you a clear explanation of why it was rejected.  All you have to do is fix the issues they have cited as the reasons for not approving and resubmit your app.  You will go through the entire publishing review and launch process again.  Being approved is not a one-shot deal.  Sometimes it takes a few tries to achieve perfection!