An update to the COVE Partner Player was rolled out this morning. (12/15/11)

Now when the Partner Player loads on a web-page it loads with the lower control bar visible to the user.

                                              (click the image to view full size)

Prior to today when the Partner Player loaded on a page the user just saw the poster image with a play button over it. 

We kept hearing from producers that they felt this experience was just too stripped down; too basic. They said the player looked too much like just an image when it loaded on the page and they wanted something that looked more like a video player. 

So we brainstormed some solutions and decided that the quickest way to improve the experience was to just surface the control bar when the player first loaded.

This solution also has the added benefit of giving the user access to the Social Media sharing features of the player (Facebook, Twitter, Viral Feature) without having to first play the video. 

Additionally, we also updated the Play button that appears over the poster image when the player first loads. (circled in red below)

This button is now consistent with the one that appears when you pause a video. It is also a bit more transparent so it won't cover up any important parts of the poster image. This change to the play button will also appear in the Viral Player.

All deployed instances of the Partner Player and Viral Player were automatically updated this morning. There is no need to update any code on your site.

We are excited to bring this upgrade to you and are grateful for your feedback. Your suggestions were a big part of this improvement to the user experience.

Please let us know what you think of this new feature in the comments section below this blog post. We look forward to hearing from you.