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Repeatable Amazon-hosted sites

Site should be "repeatable" “repeatable” on Amazon. That is, PBS should be able to back up the producers application directory and database, create a new machine, and the site should come up without any human intervention. All customizations must be automated using the file which is run once upon server provisioning.


  • Use of memcached is required for all "dynamic" “dynamic” pages that rely upon an internal database or 3rd party services for real time data.  
  • PBS requires the use of memcached for all server-side object and page level caching. 
  • Implementation instructions can be found at


PBS currently supports all "A-Grade" Browsers (, as defined by Yahoo!

Google Analytics Tagging

Wiki MarkupPBS uses Google Analytics as a preferred method of generating detailed statistics about visits to Web sites. It is the producer's responsibility to request a Google Analytics account from their content manager during site production; metrics will be unavailable to the producer otherwise. To function properly, every page of a Web site on must include the Google Analytics Tracking Code (GATC) through a Server Side Include. For more information and implementation techniques, visit \[[visit [|]\|\]

PBS Code Widgets

Standard interactive features must be created using tried-and-true code available in the PBS code widget library. If a relevant code widget exists, PBS code must be used. The PBS Product Documentation area ( ) lists the current products and applications for you to use.