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(lightbulb) PBS Recommendations:

  • Create concepts that offer more than just entertainment.  The goal of the app concept and marketing message should be enrichment in addition to entertainment. 
  • Keep it locally relevant.  Strive to find a local or geo-targeted angle to the extent feasible or relevant to the content.
  • Create an interactive app experience.  Seek opportunities to allow users to collaborate, compete, share or have some form of social interaction around your content or even contributing to it. Mobile is a great opportunity to let the "public" shine through in public media!
  • Make your app stand out from the rest.  Develop a unique angle.  Look for features and functionalities that are natural offshoots of the content and what your audience wants to do with that content.
  • Maintain high quality.  Your audience expects the same high editorial standards you have on-air and online so make be sure those standards carry over to your app.



includesSome elements that need to be considered in the planning phase include:

  • intended platform type type
  • native app or mobile web app/site
  • app updates
  • functionality changes
  • content refresh

Submitting your proposal to PBS

The earlier you can send us your planning documents / proposal, the more likely we are to be in a position to advise and support the app.

Decision factors in PBS review:

  • Does the app serve an unfulfilled audience need?
  • Is the app going to stand out in sea of 1MM apps?
  • Could the need be better filled with Mobile Web?
  • Is there a clear and sustainable business plan?
  • Are the goals/metrics realistic and desirable?

We intend to have an iterative dialog with producers around each app proposal and seek Q&A, as opposed to this being a one-shot review meeting.

Ultimate outcomes:

  • Approve – OK to move forward immediately with full PBS support
  • Reject – Depending on rights situation the producer may or may not be able to produce and distribute independently.
  • Approve with conditions – Usually used for approval in advance of resource availability or for distant future apps. It means we revisit when we reach the point when we can kickoff the project, and is meant to convey that PBS intends to support the project.

Distant projects:

  • Distant projects are 6+ months from starting.
  • Should go through review process sooner, not later.
  • Approval will be contingent upon future review when the project is about to start.
  • At this review, we will need to update the concept and platform choice(s) to reflect the original goals but adapt to the then-current platform capabilities and market environment.

Key Development Stages

  • Phase 1: Research
  • Phase 2: Proposal
  • Phase 3: Startup (Roles & Responsibilities)
  • Phase 4: Design, Wireframes and Prototype
  • Phase 5: Development
  • Phase 6: Pre-launch
  • Phase 7: Initial Launch