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titleView key development stages

There are seven critical phases during the app development process.  Below is a graphic outlining those phases and a brief description of each phase.


1:  Research

During the research phase, applicants will determine goals and create a concept and development plan.  Learn more
2:  ProposalThe proposal phase involves presenting your project plan and all required elements to PBS. Learn more
3:  Startup (Roles and Responsibilities)Once PBS greenlights your app, it''s time to assemble a team.  Think about what roles will be assigned to each team member and the responsibilities that come with each role.
4:  Design, Wireframes and PrototypeTo have a clear idea of what your final app should look like, a prototype must be developed.  This phase is dedicated to the creation of your app mockup.
5:  DevelopmentOnce there is a clear understanding of the look and feel and functionality of your app, it''s time to develop!  The amount of work you have done in the previous phases determines how quickly this phase can go.  Thorough preparation typically leads to faster development.
6:  Pre-LaunchThe pre-launch is an opportunity to go over your checklist, test your app and make sure it's ready for release. 
7:  Initial LaunchThis is the culmination of the previous 6 phases.  Your app goes live in the iTunes store and users start lining up!