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<table><tr><td width='120'><img src='' height='100' width=100 alt='STOP!'></td><td style='vertical-align:middle;'><div style='font-weight:bold; color:#cc0000;'>DO YOUR RESEARCH!</div> <P><strong>Before submitting a proposal to PBS, it is critical that you thoroughly research what you want to accomplish with your app.</strong>  We cannot express how incredibly important it is that you come into the app process with comprehensive knowledge of what you want your app to do, what you want users to gain from it, and how you plan to maintain it once it is active.  Once you have determined those essential elements you can begin to design a concept and a plan around them.  <p>This section guides you through the preliminary steps you need to complete before proposing an app to PBS.  Please read through it carefully and refer to our <strong><a href=''>recommendations page</a></strong>  for helpful hints to get you started.<p>
As you develop your concept and plan, be sure to adhere to our <strong><a href=''>requirements</a></strong>.  An app will not be greenlit if it does not follow the established requirements.</td></tr></table>

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