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  1. A new PBS Video portal going live. The new portal will replace the old one at . The new portal will largely look exactly the same (with some small differences we'll cover in a future blog post). It will just be powered by the new COVE API.
  2. The new COVE Admin Tool going live.



Producers need to do

Nothing. When COVE 2.0 launches you can continue to publish and manage your videos like you do now. The new API-powered portal is linked to the current COVE Admin Tool (what we'll begin calling the "Legacy Admin Tool") so you'll have no change to your current workflow. You can publish new videos, make changes to existing videos and update your stack through the Legacy Admin Tool. All your work will show up properly in the new PBS Video portal. As we mentioned earlier the only difference will be that you won't be able to update your program page in through the Legacy Admin Tool.