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As outlined in a blog post earlier this year, PBS implemented requirements regarding sponsorship inventory for new and legacy Web sites. Beginning May 1, PBS will release this inventory to be sold by our sales partner, National Public Media (NPM).

To reiterate the policies in the Web Policy Manual :

  • All new and redesigned web sites must carry standard sponsorship units. For new Web sites, we require a 300x250 rectangle unit above the fold on every page. For legacy Web sites, 728x90 leaderboard units will be added to each page by PBS above the universal header. Your program manager will alert you in advance of a leaderboard being added to your Web site.
  • 30 second pre-rolls will stream in front of every video longer than five minutes. In order to accommodate the pre-roll, all funder credits must be stripped from your video before publishing the asset into the COVE system.

Working closely with several producers, PBS has established two monetization models for inventory appearing on program web pages or around program streams online:

1)      Revenue Share model 

  1. For programs that do not have an active sales team, or one-off programs that were not able to secure corporate funding prior to broadcast
  2. Program sites will be entered into the general sponsorship pool managed and sold by PBS and producers will receive a share of the revenu, net of costs. 
  3. This is the default monetization model for all programs on  A producer must specifically reach out to PBS if they would like to participate in the Inventory Share model.

2)      Inventory Share model

  1. For ongoing programs that have an active sales team seeking corporate on-air or cross-platform production funding
  2. A share of the total site inventory will be available for producers to recognize program sponsors.  This share is based on the percentage of the on-air corporate funding pod that has been sold by the producer.
  3. In this model, no revenue share or other compensation needs to be paid to PBS to secure this inventory
  4. PBS will place the remaining inventory in the general online sponsorship pool in order to generate additional revenue to support online operations
  5. In this model, PBS pays no revenue share back to the producer

If you have any questions regarding the policies around sponsorship inventory or which model you fall into, please contact your PP&S Program Manager.