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IMPORTANT! Until all our digital products are transitioned to using Station Manager as the data source, or we've implemented a sync between the old and new systems, updates should be made by stations within the console, as well as via the current management processes (by submitting a ticket to the Digital Support team)
titleGood News!

As of Dec. 22, 2015, station-editable fields only need to be updated in Station Manager! It's no longer necessary to send the same change request to Digital Support. 

To request an update to a field that is not station editable (such as the following), a Digital Support ticket must be submitted: Primary Call Sign, Video Portal URL, Passport Enabled, etc.

What Is Station Manager?

Station Manager is a repository for station metadata, which can be administered by station users via a console and API. It was primarily designed for two reasons:

  1. To enable stations to manage their own data
  2. To be the single system of record used by all PBS digital platforms

Learn More

  • Use the Console to manage your station's data.
  • API documentation


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