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  • From the Site section of the main console, click Open Area (Figure 1.1).

Figure 1

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  • Click Add Open Area in the upper right side of the page (Figure 1.2). 

Figure 21

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  • Select your organization from the Organization textbox (Figure 32.1). You should only see the organizations to which you have access. 
  • Type In the Title textbox, type the title of the event or announcement in the Title textbox  (Figure 32.2). The title appears above the content (image or text) of your open area. Maximum characters: 30, including spaces.
  • In the Link textbox, type the full URL of the page to which you want the image or text to click through (Figure 32.3). 
  • In the  Call to action text textbox, type the text you want users to click on to get to the page with more information about your event (Figure 32.4). Maximum characters: 30, including spaces.
  • Click the checkbox next to Active to activate this entry and make it live on your site (Figure 2.5).
  • Click the Image or text dropdown menu and click either image or text (Figure 32.56). This determines if you are including an image in the content area or text.
  • If you selected image in step 32.56, click the Choose File button and grab the image you want to use from your computer (Figure 32.67).
  • If you selected text in step 32.56, in the Description textbox provided type the text you want to include (Figure 32.78). Maximum characters: 350, including spaces.
  • When finished, click Save and add another to save this item and add another one, Save and continue editing to save the page and remain on the page, or SAVE to save the page and return to the main Open Area directory (Figure 32.89).

Figure 32

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  • After saving the page, your Open Area module appears on the right side of your station site when users hover over your station logo (Figure 43).

Figure 43

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