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The inventory covered by these policies includes:

  1. Display:
    1. IAB Standard Units Unit on Producer Sites (sizes include: 728x90, 970x90, 970x250, 300x250, 300x600, and 320x50 Mobile Units)
  2. In-stream Video:
    1. Pre-roll up to 30 seconds in length with every video stream of 3 minutes or longer in PBS Media Manager. 
    2. Mid-roll will no longer be is not available on chaptered video. 

Inventory Allocation

  • Producers will have up to 95% of their digital display and video inventory, where available, to acknowledge national corporate sponsors.
  • 5% of the total online inventory will be reserved for PBS Marketing efforts that include, but are not limited to, promotion of national programming and products.
    • PBS Marketing promotions will also fill available impressions in display and video that are not being used for national corporate sponsorship.
  • Producers will determine the SOV% (share of voice percentage) given to each sponsor.
  • PBS cannot guarantee impression goal delivery for sponsorships.


  • PBS will calculate ad-serving fees twice per fiscal year – at the end of December and June respectively. PBS fiscal year is July-June. Producers and/or sales agent participating in the sponsorship model will receive an invoice within 30 days of the close of those months.
  • Ad-serving fees are calculated by the following cpms (these are the current rates and subject to change):
    • Display/Banners:
      • Hosted & 3rd Party Creative - $.45 06 per thousand impressions
    • Video:
      • Hosted Creative - $.45 per thousand impressions
      • 3rd Party Creative - $.29 per thousand impressions
  • Example Calculation for Ad-Serving Fees:
    • Video: 100,000 impressions x $.45 cpm = $45.00
    • Display: 100,000 impression x $.06 cpm = $6.00