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Overview: At the end of any social video, it is required to have that there must be an endcard. The appropriate watermark (detailed above) should not appear during the endcard. These endcard requirements do not apply to animated GIFs and animated graphics. Animated endcards are preferred, but still graphics may serve as endcards. However, the following elements are required to be included:

  • Series logo and Show logo1

  • PBS logo2

    • For 1080x1080px videos, PBS logo must be at least 168px tall.

    • For 1920x1080px videos, PBS logo must be at least 197px tall.

  • Tune-in info (only required for series sell and episodic promos from common carriage programs)3

  • Official hashtag (must be pre-approved by PBS)4

  • Official vanity URL (must be pre-approved by PBS)5