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If a Flash feature contains a substantial amount of text, a printable version of that text content may be required at the discretion of your PBS Interactive Digital Content manager. Each core HTML content feature must be printable. The feature itself should be printable straight from the browser, or a separate printer-friendly version may be offered.


There are several options for designing this HTML page into your site in conjunction with your Flash feature. Options for incorporating HTML pages with Flash features include:

  • using an HTML launch page with SWFObject,
  • an HTML page that results from SWFObject launch-fail,
  • or a full HTML alternative page.

Embedded Objects

If you wish to embed a MovieClip object in your Flash movie, contact your PBS Interactive Digital program manager before production begins to discuss the implementation, file size, and length of video/audio.


Flash intro movies, if approved, must have a "Skip Intro" button that loads before the movie, giving the user the option of skipping the intro clip.

No Auto Download

Any Flash included on a Web sites websites must not be set to download automatically.