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<table><tr><td width='120' style="vertical-align:top"><img src='' height='100' width=100 alt='STOP!'></td><td style='vertical-align:middle;'><div style='font-weight:bold; font-size:16px; color:#cc0000;'>DO YOUR RESEARCH!</div> <P><strong>Before submitting a proposal to PBS, it is critical that you thoroughly research what you want to accomplish with your app.</strong>  Often, people get excited about developing an app with really no clear idea of what the app will actually <i>do</i>. We cannot express how incredibly important it is that you come into the app process with comprehensive knowledge of <i>what you want your app to do, what you want users to gain from it, and how you plan to maintain it</i> once it is in the marketplace.  When you have determined those essential elements you can begin to design a concept and a plan around them.  <p>This section guides you through the preliminary steps you need to complete before proposing an app to PBS.  Please read through it carefully and refer to our <strong><a href=''>recommendations page</a></strong>  for helpful hints to get you started.<p>
As you develop your concept and plan, be mindful of all <strong><a href=''>requirements</a></strong>.  An app will most likely not be greenlit by PBS if it does not meet the established requirements.</td></tr></table>