What is a redirect file?

The redirect file tells PBS which links from your old site correspond to the same page content on your Bento site.  This is important so users will never encounter a Page cannot be found error (404 error).

Why do I need a redirect file?

If a user has bookmarked a page on your old website (pre-Bento site) and tries to access it, they will receive a 404 error (see example below).  Redirecting those old files to your Bento site prevents this from happening and ensures that all of your old website pages are accessible from your Bento site.  This section demonstrates how to create and send a redirect file to PBS. 

Bookmarked pagewww.rmpbs.org/about-us.aspx
New Bento pagewww.rmpbs.org/about/

What you need to do 

To begin redirecting pages from your old website to Bento, you must first create an Excel spreadsheet and list all of the pages that need to be redirected.  Here's how: 

  1. Open Excel.
  2. Create an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. In the first cell of the first row type Redirect from.
  4. In the second cell of the first row, type Redirect to.
  5. In the following rows, in the first column, type the exact filename of the pages on your existing site that you want to redirect.
  6. In the following rows in the second column, type the name of the corresponding page in Bento.
  7. Click File > Save as > CSV (comma delimited)
  8. Type your station call letters for the file name (i.e.: weta.csv or rmpbs.csv).
  9. Click Save.
  10. Email the file to your PBS point of contact.

Important notes about your file

  • Only include the filename and extension (in the example below, the filename is mypage and the extension is .aspx).
  • DO NOT include entire URL. 
Links hosted on your Bento site



  • URLs that need to be directed out of the system (i.e.: links that are not hosted on your Bento site) SHOULD include the full URL.  See sample spreadsheet for example.
Links hosted outside of your Bento site



  • Any domain in your first column that does not reflect the site for which you're putting in redirects will be ignored.
  • Any time you're redirecting a URL to itself (e.g. filename.html >> filename.html), the redirect will be ignored.
  • Unless you are redirecting an image to a new image, leaving images unredirected is okay.
  • Since lunchbox homepages always sit at /home/, a redirect to / should instead be a redirect to /home/ (e.g. /random.html,/ --> /random.html,/home/)


A sample spreadsheet 

(info) View a full sample spreadsheet here 

How to save your spreadsheet