Please submit a support ticket to implement the following modules on your non-Bento website:


PBS KIDS Video Module

Please note that in order to use this module, you must whitelist your station URL with PBS. Please submit a support ticket to have your website whitelisted. Allow at least three to five business days for this to be completed. If you do not whitelist your video player, you will see the following message.

Learn more about the Station PBS KIDS Video Module here

Implement on a Non-Bento Site

Define your iFrame's width and height using CSS. 

  • For non-responsive sites, we recommend a width of 640px and a height of 677px.
  • iFrame dimensions for responsive sites can be formatted like any other element.

DO NOT FORGET to replace {Your-Station-Call-Letters} with your actual station letters in the code below.

    #station-module {
      width: 640px;
      height: 677px;
      border: none;



(big grin) We are here to help!  Contact the Station Products & Innovation team at if you need assistance.