What does it mean to track image events?

Google Analytics provides a way to track user interaction with elements on your website such as flash-driven components, file downloads, images, and more. Bento has taken this functionality and implemented it into the Image component so you can track how users interact with images on your Bento site, including the total number of times an image has been clicked and how many times an image has been clicked per session. No additional Google Analytics code is required to take advantage of this feature. If you have already implemented the Google Analytics component on your Bento site's master page, you are all set!  

How does it work?

When users click an image on your Bento site, the click event is logged and can be found when you view your Google Analytics metrics. Events include:

  • Category (required) - The object with which the user interacted (in this case, your image).
  • Action (required) - The type of interaction (e.g. click).  
  • Label (optional) - An optional string to provide additional dimensions to the event data. For instance, if you have three different images of a countryside on the same page, you want to distinguish them from one another so when you are looking at your analytics you can tell them apart. You could assign each image a unique label such as Ireland countryside, Wyoming countryside, and Connecticut countryside.

What do I need to use this feature?

In order to take advantage of this feature on your Bento site, you must have the following:

I want to implement this on my site

Use the Image component to add image tracking to your Bento site.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I track existing images on my Bento site or do I have to add all of my images again?
    You can add tracking to all of your existing images. Simply open the image, click the Advanced section, turn the tracking on and add the appropriate event information.
  • I haven't implemented Google Analytics code on my master page, can I still use this feature?
    Yes, however, you must add Google Analytics tracking code to the page on which the image is placed. Google Analytics code is necessary in order to use this feature. Get a Google account | Learn how to implement Google Analytics component
  • Does it matter where my image links?
    No. You can link your image to an external webpage, a page within your Bento site, a document, and many other options. Learn how to link your image