To help centralize your Bento content, we recommend that you keep additional content such as attachments, code, and images in filer folders. The following section demonstrates how to retrieve a file from a filer folder and place it on your Bento site. 

You should already have filer folders set up and populated with content. If you do not, contact your site admin.

NEVER add content to the unfiled files folder! (Figure 1)  Be sure your site admin has created a unique folder for you to add content.  

Figure 1

How to add filer folder content to your page

  • From the main Bento administration page, click Pages (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • Click the page to which you want to add filer folder content (Figure 2).

Figure 2

  • Locate the section of your template  you want the item to appear, click the Available Components dropdown menu and click the type of component you are adding. In this case we are adding a PDF file so we will select File (Figure 3.1).
  • Click Add Component (Figure 3.2).

Figure 3

  •  In the Title textbox, type a title for your file (Figure 4.1). This appears next to the file on your Bento page.
  • Click the checkbox next to Open link in new window to have the file open in a new browser window (Figure 4.2).  (warning) This is helpful in preventing users from leaving your website.
  • Click the magnifying glass icon to open up your filer folders and locate the file you want to use (Figure 4.3).

Figure 4

  • Click the folder icon or the folder name that holds the file you want to use (Figure 5.1).
  • To search for the file you want to use, type the folder name or keywords into the search textbox and click Search (Figure 5.2).

Can't find what you are looking for and need to add content to a filer folder? Learn how to create a new folder and add content

Figure 5

  • Click the downward facing arrow next to the file you want to use (Figure 6).

Figure 6

  • The file name appears (Figure 7.1).
  • Click Save (Figure 7.2).

To delete this file and choose another, click the red x next to the magnifying glass icon.

Figure 7

  • The component appears on the left side (Figure 8.1) and a confirmation message indicating the component has saved successfully appears on the right (Figure 8.2).
  • Click View on site to see your component in a browser (Figure 8.3).

Figure 8

  • The PDF file from your filer folder appears in the section and location it was placed (Figure 9).

Figure 9

How to add image metadata 

  • From the filer folder, click the image thumbnail, image title, or Change to open the image and enter metadata (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • Fill out all of the available fields (Figure 2.1).
  • If you want to select a different image, click Show next to Advanced (Figure 2.2).

Maximum character limit for caption text is 140 characters including spaces.  Maximum character limit for credit text is 30 including spaces.

Figure 2

  • Click Browse to search your computer for another image (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  • Click Save and continue editing to save the changes and remain on the page or Save to save the changes and go back to the image component screen (Figure 4).

Figure 4