What is the Explorer Twitter Follow Button?

The Twitter button custom component adds a Twitter button to your webpage, allowing users to follow your site's activity on Twitter. To take advantage of this functionality, users must have an existing Twitter account. If they do not have one, they will be prompted to create an account on the Twitter website when they click your Explorer Twitter Follow Button.

(info) You can also add various social media icons to your Bento pages


The Explorer Twitter Follow button comes in two different sizes.


How to implement the Twitter Button

  • From your main pages directory, click the page to which you want to add the Explorer Twitter Follow button (Figure 1).


Place this component on your Master page if you want the Twitter button to appear on all pages of your Bento site that inherit the Master page.

Figure 1


  • In the section you want the Twitter button to appear, click the Available Components dropdown menu and click Custom Component (Figure 3.1).
  • Click Add Component (Figure 3.2).

This component can be added to any section of your page, however, it is typically added to the Right Rail section.

Figure 2



  • Click the component dropdown menu and click Explorer Twitter Follow Button (Figure 3).

Figure 3

  • In the 01_Twitter_Handle textbox, type the Twitter handle associated with the account you want users to follow (Figure 5.1). Refer to your Twitter account at www.twitter.com if you are unsure what your Twitter handle is.   

    Click image to expand

  • Click the 02_Show_Follower_Count dropdown menu and click True to surface the number of followers or False to hide the number of followers (Figure 5.2).
  • Click the 03_Button_Size dropdown menu and click either Large or Small to assign the size of the button graphic (Figure 5.3).
  • Click the 04_Show_Twitter_Handle dropdown menu and click True to show the Twitter Handle to the right of the text Follow or click False to hide this text (Figure 5.4).
  • Click Save (Figure 5.5).

Figure 5

  • Click Preview Site in the upper right corner of the page to view your page in a browser (Figure 7.2).

Figure 6


  •  The Twitter Follow Button appears on your webpage with the number of followers listed (Figure 8).

Figure 7