Due to the transition from COVE/Merlin to Media Manager, Bento users must request a Media Manager API key in order to access new video content. 

Sites that do not obtain new keys will continue to function as they do today, however, after the transition they will not be able to access new video content. Bento3 users who have already obtained Media Manager keys can continue to use them and won’t need new ones.

To obtain a Media Manager API key and secret, please submit a ticket here: http://digitalsupport.pbs.org/support/tickets/new

What is Bento?

To implement modules on a non-Bento site, please see the following page: Non-Bento Components


Bento is a PBS-hosted service designed to help stations and producers create websites.

Bento strives to be easy to use, while offering customized components, such as video and TV schedule components, designed to integrate with the PBS ecosystem. Bento features an interface that is so intuitive it is easy to use, even without much web experience. 

At its most basic level, Bento has the ability to create and modify property promotional pages. Promotional Pages are single page websites that enable limited resource properties to maintain a web presence at pbs.orgPromotional pages are a great way to dynamically host scores of content on a single page and provide viewers with access to localized TV schedules, promotional video clips, sample information and branded content.  

An example of a promotional page coming in handy for stations would be during a local weather emergency such as a snowstorm. Use Bento to quickly create a one page disaster emergency guide for your users to reference, making your website the place to go for timely information.

Bento's Goal

Bento's goal is simple:  Spend more time creating strong online content and less time keeping up with technology!

Bento reduces the time and cost of producing websites by providing standardized web hosting frameworks, content page modules, and simplified management and maintenance.  With an easy-to-use interface, Bento directs the majority of site customization to content owners and away from developer/technical resources, allowing these limited resources to focus on creating and implementing additional features and functionality.

Bento is based on django CMS, a free and open source content management system platform, written in Python using the Django framework, for publishing content on the web. 

Bento features

Getting started

Find out which role has been assigned to you and then go to the Roles and Permissions section to find out all of the things you can do in Bento. Let's get started !