What is a Filer Folder?

Filer folders are just like folders on your computer that are used to store content. The difference is that filer folder content is stored and used exclusively in Bento. Almost any type of content, including images, PDFs, CSS, Javascript, and audio files can be stored in filer folders and all content can be used an infinite number of times on your Bento pages. 

One of the best things about filer folders is that all content is hosted by PBS so you don't need to worry about storage space! 

Can everyone use content I've added to my filer folder?

Filer folders are site based which means when you create a folder on your Bento site, everyone who has access to your site can access the content. Content can be restricted so that writers and editors can only add and use content, not modify or delete content. 

What is in this section

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