If you have any questions about the PBS Localization Service that are not covered here or elsewhere on our website, please submit a support ticket.

General Questions

The license type and FCC designated must-carry boundaries are used to create a map of station availability at the zip code level. This technology more closely mirrors the communities that stations serve at a granular level. More importantly, this update allows PBS to update station availability more easily, responding to changes across the public media landscape.

If you feel that there is an issue with the results that are displayed, please submit a support ticket with the following details:

  1. Are you trying to localize by ZIP code?
    1. If so, on which PBS platform and screen?
    2. If so, which ZIP code are you using?
    3. What results are you seeing and what do you expect to see?
  2. Are you being auto-localized?
    1. If so, on which PBS platform?
    2. On what type of device does this occur?
    3. Are you on wifi, or a mobile network (using cellular data)?
    4. What is the IP address for the physical location where you are getting unexpected results? (Google "What is my IP?" to get your device's currently used IP address.)
    5. What results are you seeing and what do you expect to see?

First, you can verify the ranked station results by clearing your cookies and visiting pbs.org in a private or incognito browser instance. This ensures you are not using location data from a previous browser session.

If you are still being localized to a different geographic region in private/incognito mode, it is likely that the IP address belonging to the cell tower currently used by your device is registered in a different geographic region. (Your IP address will change over time, and also while you are in different locations, which is why it's important to know the IP address for the exact location where the issue is occurring.)

If you'd like to know where your current IP address thinks you are right now, please follow these steps:

  1. If you are currently in the physical location where you are being localized to stations in a different geographic region, please Google "What is my IP?".
  2. Copy the IP address, and enter it in this MaxMind IP look-up tool.
  3. Copy the ZIP code returned by the MaxMind tool.
  4. Go to this URL and replace the ZIP code at the end with the one you copied from the MaxMind tool.
  5. On this page you will see a lot of formatted data for each station, which can be difficult to read, but these are the ones mapped to your provided ZIP code. 


Stations are ordered by rank, ascending, beginning with "1".

Data Sources

PBS Research owns and manages the station availabilities by ZIP code, and by state.

Annually, or as the need arises.