The TV Listings Manager console is intended for PBS stations only, and is primarily targeted for station traffic users. Access is not available to the general public.

The TV Listings Manager console provides a way for stations to modify their individual, local TV Schedule listings (up to two weeks in the future) displayed within PBS Digital products. These are the listings users see in the station's localized version of PBS.org, in PBS apps/OTT, and when stations embed the PBS TV Schedule modules on their own sites. 

The tool is not intended for stations to submit or edit their entire schedules. It should only be used to update or correct individual listings.

Under normal circumstances, stations do not need to send updates made in TV Listings Manager to Gracenote (see Notes below). All updates made in the console during the day will be automatically delivered to Gracenote early the following morning, at 4AM ET. Getting updates to Gracenote allows them to get the changes out to non-PBS listing consumers, such as cable providers, and tv guides.


  • Gracenote typically needs 72 hours to complete changes on their end. While all updates made in the TV Listings Manager console will be available across PBS digital platforms almost immediately, those made for listings within 72 hours may not be addressed by Gracenote. (Which means the changes may not make it out to non-PBS listing consumers.)
  • If you have an urgent update for listings within 72 hours, make the changes as normal in the TV Listings Manager console, and also please send them to your Gracenote contact.

Where do my updates go?

Updates made in TV Listings Manager are distributed across PBS platforms in a timely manner (see table below). The same updates are sent to Gracenote the following morning (4AM ET), so they can have the new data available for their other customers. Unfortunately, TiVo (formerly Rovi) will not accept our automated updates, so you'll have to contact them directly if delivery to them is a requirement for you.

What can I do in TV Listings Manager?

 Download and watch a video tutorial


Please follow the steps below to request an account for the TV Listings Manager console. 

  • For stations to get access to the console, please submit a support ticket (Figure 1). It is not available to the general public.

To ensure that you are affiliated with a PBS station, please provide a valid station email address when requesting account access.

Figure 1

  • Allow up to 24 hours for a response. You will receive an email from PBS confirming that you have been added to the system.
  • Open the email and in the body of the email, click log in to the console (Figure 2).

Figure 2

Figure 3

Getting started

Listings can only be scheduled two weeks out.

After logging in to the TV Listings Manager, begin by making sure you are viewing the station and channel to which the listing belongs, as well as the date on which the listing appears.

  • If you have access to more than one station, select the station that holds the listing you want to edit (1). 
  • Select the channel that contains the listing (2).
  • Click the Start Date/Time textbox and select the time and date on which the listing appears or a start time/date for a range you want to search (3).
  • Click the End Date/Time textbox and select the time and date on which the listing appears or an end time/date for a range you want to search (4). 
  • Click Begin Editing Schedule to start editing (5).

The timezone is auto-selected according to the timezone in which the selected station resides.

Figure 1

Once you are in the tool, you can: 

Front-end display

The following table displays the amount of time it takes for updates to display on PBS products: 

DestinationEstimated Time
TVSS APIImmediately

Station Bento sites

  • Full grid
  • What's On (general audience & KIDS)
  • When to Watch
Within 90 minutes

PBS-provided TV Schedules modules

  • Full grid
  • What's On (general audience & KIDS)
Within 30 minutes
AppsEach time the app is opened
PBS.org What's On module (appears below main carousel on the homepage)Within 90 minutes
Air DatesDue to technical complications, Air Dates modules are not updated at this time.

Known issues

Listing Error

“The time period you’ve selected includes one or more listings which can’t be processed because they have more than one content type (e.g. movie, OTO, program)”

This error occurs when there is a listing that has, over time, been assigned more than one content type by Gracenote. This results in two different IDs for the listing in our system. Since we cannot determine which ID to use, we are not able to update this type of listing. If you encounter this error, your update will need to be sent directly to Rovi.

 View a sample error message