To begin using Station Manager, request access by filing a ticket with our Digital Support team. Please include your station email address, station flagship call sign, and account type requested. Account types include:

  1. Station Viewer (Read-only access. No edit rights.)
  2. Station Editor (Editor access)

After your request has been processed by the Digital Support team, you will receive an email notification from PBS Digital Account Management with instructions for activating your Stations Manager account.You will need to log in to the console with the same email address you used when you requested an account. If you do not have a PBS Account, you can create one during the process.

For the time being, all station data updates (except logos), should be made by stations in two places:

  1. Make changes within the Station Manager console.
  2. Submit changes via a ticket through the Digital support team ticketing system.

The second step above is temporary, and only necessary until we are able to transition all PBS Digital products to the new Station Manager data source, or we are able to implement a data sync between the old and new systems. We will communicate updates and changes to workflow to the station community as they become available.

For logos, we have implemented a sync between the old system and Station Manager, so station logo updates only need to be made within the Station Manager console.

There are two station account types for the Station Manager console:

  1. Station Viewer: When this role is assigned, console user can only view data for the station to which they have access. User cannot edit the station data.
  2. Station Editor: When this role is assigned, console user can edit data for the station to which they have access.

Almost. There are three fields in Station Manager that are not editable, and will require a request to the Digital Support team:

  1. Primary Call Sign

    • There are multiple PBS system dependencies that require this field to be changed and synced properly.

  2. Passport Enabled

    • We want to coordinate station onboarding prior to changing this setting.

  3. PDP Station

    • Let us know if your station’s status changes, and we’ll make the update.

At this time, the Station Manager API is available for internal, read-only use. However, if your station has a use for this data, please submit the request to the Digital Support team, and we will consider this for a future release.

Your station logo will surface on all PBS platforms including mobile, OTT, and web.








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