Flash Version

All Flash applications developed for PBS.org must require at a minimum Flash Player version Producers may develop applications requiring Flash 10 with a minimum Flash Player version number of


All Flash used on PBS.org must be presented in conjunction with SWFObject, and all Flash files must be served from the CDN.

No Full Flash Homepages, Sites, or Navigation

Site shell and core site navigation may not be programmed in Flash.

Core Content and Site Navigation in HTML

To ensure site accessibility to all users, core site content may not be programmed in Flash, including the following:

  • Homepages
  • Navigation
  • Text-based features
  • Content for teachers (lesson plans, educational philosophy behind the program and Web site, etc.)
  • TV program descriptions, episode descriptions and airdates information

Accessibility and Printable Content

If a Flash feature contains a substantial amount of text, a printable version of that text content may be required at the discretion of your PBS Digital Content manager. Each core HTML content feature must be printable. The feature itself should be printable straight from the browser, or a separate printer-friendly version may be offered.

Flash features should incorporate Abode's accessibility guidelines for Flash (http://www.adobe.com/accessibility/products/flash) and must provide alternative content for users who are unable to utilize Flash features.

HTML Pages for Flash Features

All Flash features must be accompanied by an HTML page that describes the feature, explains that Flash is required to access the feature and offers a link to download the Flash plug-in.

There are several options for designing this HTML page into your site in conjunction with your Flash feature. Options for incorporating HTML pages with Flash features include:

  • using an HTML launch page with SWFObject,
  • an HTML page that results from SWFObject launch-fail,
  • or a full HTML alternative page.

Embedded Objects

If you wish to embed a MovieClip object in your Flash movie, contact your PBS Digital program manager before production begins to discuss the implementation, file size, and length of video/audio.

Source File Review

PBS may require delivery of Flash source files and source resources for review prior to launch.  This requirement should be discussed in the site planning stages and factored into production timelines.

Delivery of Final Source/Resources files

A copy of all final Flash source files and all source resources used in making a Flash feature must be delivered to your program manager upon site launch.

Mandatory Skip Intro

Flash intro movies, if approved, must have a "Skip Intro" button that loads before the movie, giving the user the option of skipping the intro clip.

No Auto Download

Any Flash included on PBS.org websites must not be set to download automatically.

Disable Right-Click Menu

Disable right-click menu on publish unless it contains functionality critical to experience.

Aggregate All ActionScript

All Flash experiences must be built using object oriented principles. This includes external AS files included as class files or include files (based on functionality). The majority of the code must not be included within the .FLA itself. If ActionScript is included within the .FLA it should be kept to a minimum and be on the first frame of the .FLA.

Purge Your Library

All objects in a project library (sound clips, video files, graphic files, etc) that are not used in the final Flash feature must be purged before creating the movie.

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