Once you have established your social media outposts, the next question becomes how to keep them updated and attracting new visitors. This simple guide will introduce you to some new tools (that are all free!) to make updating your Twitter accounts as quick and easy as possible.

TwitterFeed -- http://www.twitterfeed.com - Twitterfeed provides an automated way of posting information to your Twitter account. Typically this site is used to link to a new blog post, or headlines from a site. Once you’ve signed up for a Twitterfeed account you input any RSS feed and it will begin posting all new content into your Twitter stream for you.

Twitterfeed may seem like a “set it and forget it” tool, but there’s no alternative to personal, manual tweets.

TweetBurner -- http://www.tweetburner.com - TweetBurner can work in conjunction with Twitterfeed to provide stats and information about how many people are clicking on or spreading the links you post to Twitter.
The service is often used to make URLs shorter (very important when you only have 140 characters to convey your message). The service can also tell you who is “reTweeting” your post in their own Twitter timeline and giving you more visibility.

Search.Twitter.com -- http://search.twitter.com - Twitter (the company) recently purchased Summize, a Web site that collected ALL tweets (Twitter messages) and made them searchable. Summize then became search.Twitter.com and it is now one of most useful and important tools in your 

Twitter Search lets you search for all tweets that contain a set of keywords. So if you wanted to know what people were saying about your station you might search for your call letters, a host or program name. Search then shows you a list of all of those messages, lets you reply to the author, and tells you when new tweets come through the system.

The service also provides an RSS feed of the search results so you can add it to your feed reader and not have to visit the site directly to see the results. (If you’re a little more advanced you could also create a widget and put it on your own Web site, a “What people are saying…” type of feature.)

Tweetbeep -- http://www.tweetbeep.com – Google Alerts for Twitter! Tweetbeep will e-mail you hourly, or daily with all of the Tweets that mention your chosen keywords. For instance you could create an alert for your station call letters and whenever you get mentioned anywhere on Twitter, you’ll know who it was and what they said. This is a great way to connect and help viewers.

Ping.FM -- http://www.ping.fm – This web service allows you to post status updates and micro-blog posts (like on Twitter) to lots of social networking sites. When you sign up for Ping.fm you provide your username and password to the sites that you want to post to, and the service will ping your updates to all of them.