On-Air Tag

If your site is a companion to a PBS program, the television program must include a "web tag," or end-of-program audio and visual announcement. The only URL that can be referenced in the tag is PBS.org. PBS television programming guidelines offer more information on creating on-air web promotion. Check the PBS Red Book (http://www.pbs.org/producers/redbook) for detailed instructions.

Print Materials

Promotional print materials must provide the site-specific address (such as pbs.org/yoursite).

Web Markers

Any online content referenced in on-air web markers must be clearly and prominently linked to from the site homepage. In the case of episodic series sites, it is not necessary for these links to be on the series site home page, but the links must be prominently displayed on the home page of the episode sub-site.

Outreach Materials for Member Stations

PBS.org serves general audiences, kids and educators, and must not be used as a venue for content intended for outreach staff at PBS member stations. Online materials intended specifically for outreach staff at member stations should be posted to PBS Connect, not in a hidden directory (e.g., /.outreach) on PBS.org. Your PBS Digital Content manager can provide you with the appropriate contact names to learn more about the publishing guidelines for PBS Connect.

If you are working with a third-party contractor or consultant to develop a general-audience outreach plan for your site, you are responsible for approving and coordinating all relative web content.

Call to Pledge

To support the system-wide objective of increasing station membership, all key, pop-out as well as new and icon series sites must include a call to pledge. The call should leverage specific site content and how pledge supports it. For users who are not localized, the site should include a program-specific membership value proposition sub-level page incorporating Station Finder localization functionality.