Standard Message Requirements

All sites designed specifically for the Mobile Web within the domain must carry standard sponsorship inventory.

Display units

For display, a standard 320x50 pixel sponsorship unit must be used. This unit must appear on the Mobile Web site home page and every page of the Mobile Web site, including pages that feature streaming video. The unit must appear at the very top of each Mobile Web page. In addition, the following text must appear above the sponsorship unit: “Support provided by:”

Producer should allocate enough space to accommodate this text (roughly 20 pixels.)

Display Messaging: Additional Sponsorship Messages on Program Mobile Web Sites

In addition to any Standard Message Requirements outlined above, producers may include basic recognition for their production funders. This additional recognition may appear on any Mobile Web site page, per the message-to-content proportion limits described in Section 3 below.

PBS must approve additional recognition in advance. Any additional recognition must appear at the top or bottom only of the Mobile Web site pages. They must be static in nature and may not contain any animation.

Display Messaging: Message-to-Content Proportion on Program Mobile Web Sites

The sum total of all sponsorship acknowledgements appearing on any page of a Mobile Web site may not exceed 20% of the area on that page, even if a portion of the page requires scrolling.  More importantly, since the Mobile Web site can be viewed on any number of devices with different screen sizes, the proportion must scale to the smallest possible device.  The ad unit should not appear if the screen size is less than 300 pixels wide.  Producers must build this logic into their Mobile Web site pages.

Any program funder recognition that appears in conjunction with the PBS Standard Message Requirements identified in Section 1 above must still comply with the 20% space limit. For example, if three program funders are acknowledged with logo badges on a Mobile Web page, PBS will consider those badges when reviewing the percentage of overall sponsorship messages to content, including the required 320x50 pixel unit.

Creative Message Guidelines

Creative Message guidelines for Mobile Web sponsorship units are the same as the sponsorship messaging on They can be seen here.

For additional questions about these mobile web policies, contact Gina Felix at