Producer is required to get approval for any mobile app development prior seeking funding or engaging development resources. Please contact your program manager for this approval.


  • Producer is required to work with PBS to determine the business and revenue terms for the Mobile Application. This includes both sponsorship, App prices and any in-app monetization.
  • All applications must include a call to pledge, contingent upon a PBS standard online donation module. The call should leverage specific app content and how pledge supports it.


  • Producer is responsible for clearing all rights for content to appear in the Mobile Application, as well as for promotional rights. PBS requests a minimum of 3 years of rights for each.
  • Producer is required to provide a mobile content strategy document, which includes a content refresh schedule.
  • Producer will be responsible for regular content refreshes to the Mobile Application.
  • All content within the Mobile Application must conform to the Editorial Policies and Specifications and the Social Media and User-Submitted Content guidelines outlined in the PBS Web Manual
  • Apps must provide a service and value not already provided by a PBS Core Services Application (the PBS iPhone App, PBS for iPad, and PBS Android application). For example, a producer may not design a Mobile Application solely designed to stream full-length video. 
  • COVE must be used for all streaming video. No full-length video may be included in the application without permission from PBS.


  • Producer must work in good faith with PBS on the concept, content, UI/Design, feature set and technology for the Mobile Application.
  • Producer must follow PBS’s technical, content and product guidelines. Where applicable, Producer must utilize PBS Interactive’s technology infrastructure to power the Mobile Application. Any custom code created by the Producer for the Mobile Application must be developed to PBS’s specifications such that the code can be repurposed and used by the public media system.
  • Producer must coordinate with PBS on any updates to the feature set since resubmissions to the marketplace must happen via PBS. Producer will also update code or technology at the request of PBS.
  • All Mobile Applications are required to include localization features. This may include but is not limited to, the local TV schedule, local content, or local station branding.

Promotion & Distribution

  • PBS has the first right of refusal for the Mobile Application. If PBS declines to publish the Mobile Application, Producer has the right to publish on its own, without the PBS branding.
  • PBS will serve as the exclusive distributor of the Mobile Application via the PBS-branded mobile marketplaces. As such, PBS will coordinate with Producer on the publication and updates of the Mobile Application. If the Mobile Application does not succeed or has reached the end of its life, PBS will work with the producer to remove the Mobile Application from the requisite marketplaces.
  • Any mobile application that PBS distributes must contain promotion and links for a PBS Core Services Application.
  • PBS agrees to provide promotional space at for any application that it distributes.
  • Only Mobile Applications distributed by PBS may be promoted in Web markers and tags during broadcast.
  • Producer is responsible for adding a support mechanism within the app and responding to all user emails/questions/feedback.