Sometimes a blog just isn’t getting the traffic and attention it deserves, or maybe it was a shortterm
project that has since shut down. No matter the reason, users grow accustomed to regular
updates on blogs and closing the door without an explanation will leave readers wondering what

To gracefully retire a blog from service follow, these simple rules:

  • Write a gracious final entry explaining that it is the final post, but be honest and transparent about it. If not enough people were visiting and commenting – tell your readers that.
  • In the final entry provide links to other blogs or resources on your site - or other sites - that can provide the same sort of content and information that your blog provided.
  • Additionally, include a bulleted list of the most popular posts from the blog. This will provide readers who visit the site after it is closed with a quick and easy way to find the 'best’ content.
  • Keep in mind that people may visit the blog for years to come from search engines and not realize that the blog is closed. If you have the means, close commenting on the posts explaining that the site is no longer being updated. If you cannot close off comments completely, consider switching the settings to “pre-moderation” so that comments stack up in a moderation queue without appearing on the site. (Abandoned blogs are happy hunting grounds for spammers.)

If you have any other questions or are looking for ideas on how to build blog traffic using social
media please contact your Program Manager.