The Mobile Apps for Producers guide is structured to navigate you through the entire mobile app process from first envisaging your app to releasing it to the app store. The guide covers:

  • what PBS needs from you to get the ball rolling, 
  • details all design and programmatic requirements from PBS and Apple,
  • tips and tricks to help with your app development. 

Follow the flow top to bottom and discover how to design and distribute a successful mobile app.


↓ Why a PBS Mobile App?

 Preview the benefits you can expect from developing a PBS mobile app.

Developing a Concept and Plan

 Probably the most important factor when developing a mobile app is first deciding if you even really need one.  Often a mobile website can provide everything you need.  This section encourages you stop and think about this important decision before moving forward.


PBS Recommendations

 Gain knowledge from our experience.  This section offers information that will help put you in a good position to advance in the app proposal process. 

↓ Create and Submit Your Proposal

 Embarking on the mobile app journey can be daunting.  This manual provides clarity in what can often be a complex world.  Once you have made the decision that a mobile app is right for you, the first step is to develop a concept for your app.  This step is very important because it establishes a purpose and an objective for what you want your users to get out of it.

↓ Development & Submission Requirements

 As part of the proposal creation, review and approval process, a producer must follow a set of requirements established by PBS.  Requirements help minimize obstacles and ensure a successful development experience.  This section details the requirements all producers must follow in order to develop a PBS mobile app.  Please review all requirements and follow them carefully when constructing your proposal.

↓ Producer Requirements

 This section highlights some paths taken by other producers who have achieved highy successful products and demonstrates everything you need from how you will fund your app to the promotion and distribution process.

 App Contents & Functionality

 PBS maintains a comprehensive list of requirements that are specific to all apps being developed with PBS.  Meeting PBS standards of quality means that you are building a quality app. 

 Technical Requirements 

 Some of the most important information that needs to be passed on to Apple comes in the form of technical specifications.  This section ensures that you are contributing all necessary data and formats to successfully submit your app.

 Artwork Requirements 

 Artwork serves to draw attention to your app in the store and give users an idea of what your app looks like.  Several pieces of artwork are required to accomplish these roles and each developer requires different criteria.  This section provides all dimensions and criteria for your app artwork.  

 Launch/Release Requirements

 Time to launch!  After all the hard work and thorough research, it's time to release your app to the store.  This section outlines what to expect when launching your app.  

 Sunsetting an App

 There comes a time in the lifecycle of many apps when it's time to be retired and pulled from the app store.  This section guides you through the process of sunsetting your app should that day come.  

 Tips and Tricks

Who doesn't appreciate some insider information?  We have taken our experience with mobile apps and assembled additional guidance on how to make your app the best it can be.


 You are not alone in the app development process.  Any question you have, chances are three other people have had the same question.  Refer to this section for answers to some frequently asked questions.