Video Specs

  • Spot approved for broadcast can be used for digital
  • Send separate digital file. Broadcast file/format cannot be used
  • Video may be either VAST served of first party served with optional impression and click tracking
  • Preferred first party file type: mp4 with H.264 codec
  • Max first-party file size: 512 mb
  • HD specifications: 1920x1080 (16:9 Widescreen) or 1440x1080 (4:3 Standard), 10 mbps bitrate or higher
  • Audio specifications: 48khz or 44.1khz resolution, stereo, AAC codec, 128 kpbs bitrate
  • Sound Policy: Integrated volume between -22 and -26 lkfs
  • Provide rotation instructions if sending more than 1 creative

Display Specs

Standard Banners - 300x250, 300x600, 728x90, 970X250, 970X90, 320x50

  • Initial and subsequent file load size must adhere to IAB’s LEAN Standards
  • File Type: HMTL5, GIF/JPEG, Third-party Tag
  • Frame Rate: Minimum 24 fps
  • Max Animation:15 seconds/2 loops
  • Video: In-banner video allowed, must be user initiated, no auto-play.
  • Unlimited file size subload allowed after user clicks to initiate video, minimum 24 FPS for video
  • Unlimited length video w/ sound allowed after user clicks, no auto-play
  • Expansions not allowed
  • Audio: Must be user initiated (no click: mute/un-mute); default state is muted
  • User video and audio controls must be visible
  • Third-party tracking is accepted in most cases. Units served first-party will be billed off first-party data

Logos – General Audience Programs

  • 120x60
  • File Type: PNG
  • Max File Size: 10KB
  • Click tracking accepted in most cases
  • Third-party impression tracking is not available

General Guidelines

  • Limit of five creative executions per placement.
  • Banners must remain bounded in the allotted space in the page and must include a visible border around the edge. Banners may not float over page content, pop-up or initiate pop-ups from third-parties.
  • All text must be readable on 1024×768 resolution displays.
  • Unless specifically excepted, no real or mimicked user controls, interactive elements or hovers are permitted on in-page sponsorships, including video controls, game play, etc.
  • Once approved, third-party-served placements may not be changed without PBS approval.