Follow these instructions to add custom HTML and information to your Facebook Fan Page. Included are a couple of sample snippits of code, including the “Support” call to action used on

This tutorial assumes you have previously created a Facebook Fan Page.

Step 1 -- Login to Facebook –

Step 2 -- Visit: application we’re going to install is called “Facebook Static FBML“

Step 3 -- Click “Add to Page” button

Step 4 -- Click through the rest of the install process by selecting which Fan Page you’re trying to add the application to.

Step 5 -- View your new “FBML Box” under the “Boxes” tab on your page, then
click on the pencil icon to edit the box.

Step 6 -- Insert your HTML code into the box (see example code below)

Note: You will have to be listed as an Administrator of the Fan Page you’re trying to edit for this process to work. Just about any standard HTML (such as bulleted lists, images, etc) will work in these boxes, but if it doesn’t work, it’s probably not allowed by Facebook. Also notice a couple of additional options on this page:

• You can give the Box a title, this is the headline that will appear above the
box. Also, note that below the text entry area there is a list of all of the current “boxes” you’ve set up using this application.
• To create another “box” you’ll simply click the link that says, “Add another FBML box” and follow the steps again.

Example Facebook Fan Page “Boxes” code

Example 1 - Find and Follow PBS Across the Web:
Code used to display above box:

<a href=""><img
alt=""/></a><br> <a
href="">Follow the PBS Twitter&nbsp;Account</a></li>
<a href=""><img
src="" alt="PBS on&nbsp;YouTube"/></a><br> <a href=""> Subscribe to&nbsp;the PBS YouTube Channel</a>

Example 2 - Support PBS Today (this sample includes the
referer/affiliate code for ShopPBS, so be sure to insert your own link)

Visit shopPBS to find DVDs, Books, and more\! Every shopPBS purchase helps
support PBS and the programs you love.