Getting Started

 We want to create a PBS mobile app. How do we get started?

The first thing you need to do is decide if a mobile app is the right choice for you or if a mobile website would be better for your needs.  Mobile apps are more costly while a mobile website is more affordable and easier to create. Compare mobile apps and mobile websites

Once you have made the decision that a mobile app is the way to go, begin developing a concept and plan for your app.

 What are some of the benefits of having a PBS mobile app?


Developing a Mobile App

 Will PBS provide a development team or do we need our own?
With the high demand for mobile apps PBS developers are stretched thin, therefore, it is recommended that you seek a development team independent of PBS.
 How can we be certain our app will be accepted by Apple and Google?

The best way to help ensure your app does not get rejected by Apple or Google is to carefully adhere to Apple and Android guidelines. 

View Apple Guidelines*  |  View Android Guidelines 

* Must have Apple account to access.

 How can we be certain our app will be accepted by PBS?

In addition to following the Apple and/or Google guidelines, PBS has its own set of requirements you must follow in order to have your app considered. 

View PBS requirements

 How long will it take to develop a PBS mobile app?
The time it takes to develop a PBS mobile app depends on how prepared you are coming into the app process.  If you have put serious thought into what you want from your app, developed a concept and plan, and assembled a mobile team, the process can move a little more quickly.   
 Does our development team release our app to the iTunes store?

No.  PBS will release the app to the iTunes store for you.