Product Requirements

Producers may promote only merchandise related to the PBS television program or series upon which the site is based.


ShopPBS is the primary source for all program-related products. All content sites must include link(s) to purchase the product on the ShopPBS website. Linking out to other third-party websites to purchase the product is prohibited.

If you are interested in merchandising product on ShopPBS, contact your PBS Digital Program Manager who can connect you with the appropriate ShopPBS staff. ShopPBS will decide on a case-by-case basis which products will be carried by ShopPBS. Typically all media related products (DVDs, books, CDs) will be carried.

Product Placement

All new and redesigned sites with products available for purchase on ShopPBS must include:

  1. “Buy the DVD” or similar link in the site’s main navigation;
  2. A 300x60 ShopPBS module on the site’s homepage;
  3. Text links to “Buy the DVD” and “Download from iTunes” (or similar language) on the site’s Resources page, if one exists.

The ShopPBS module will be provided by your program manager. Producers are encouraged to consider more contextual calls to related products on ShopPBS, in addition to these requirements.

All links from content sites to the ShopPBS website must contain appropriate tracking codes. Proper codes can be obtained by contacting your PBS Digital Program Manager who can connect you with the appropriate ShopPBS staff.

Producers should not attempt to build the link to products located on ShopPBS without consulting ShopPBS.

No Hard-Coded Product Information

When linking to ShopPBS product listings, do not hard-code changeable information (e.g. prices and contact information).

When information is hard-coded, any changes to this information (such as price changes, product expirations, and contact information changes) become difficult to track and repair. Providing hyperlinks within the text that will take users to the ordering information page located at ShopPBS is recommended.