If you haven't already, please make sure you read the main COVE Video Event Tracking page. The information on that page is critical to understanding the process outlined below.

(lightbulb) The information in this section reflects the current Google Analytics interface.

What is duration viewed?

Duration is considered a video metric that isn’t very well suited for how event tracking works.  Duration events can be somewhat skewed and should therefore only be used as a rough indicator of trends within your content.  A duration event is triggered when a user pauses a video or when the “MediaComplete” event occurs.  For example, if a user starts watching a video that is 20 minutes long but pauses it after 8 minutes, an event labeled “5 min – 10 min” is recorded. If that same user then presses play to finish the rest of the video, a second event duration is triggered.  So now one viewing records two duration events - one 5-10 minute and one 15-20 minute.  Likewise, if a user watches a 27-minute video from beginning to end, a duration event with a label of  “25 min – 30 min” is recorded.

In addition, if a user is watching a video and they close out the browser window, shut down their browser or navigate to a new page without clicking a button on the video player, no duration event is recorded because the user didn’t perform an action within the player.

When a duration event is recorded it gets one of the following labels based on the timecode where the user paused or the MediaComplete event was triggered:

  • Less than 5 seconds
  • 5 seconds - 1 min
  • 1 min - 5 min
  • 5 min - 10 min
  • 10 min - 15 min
  • 15 min - 20 min
  • 20 min - 25 min
  • 25 min - 30 min
  • 30 min - 45 min
  • 45 min - 60 min
  • More than 60 min

(warning) These time windows do not include pre-roll.

How to view tracking results for duration viewed

  • Log in to your Google Analytics account (Figure 1).

Figure 1

  • Your accounts are displayed along the left side of the screen. 
  • Locate the account you want to view and click the plus sign to expand the link.
  • Click the Event Tracking link (Figure 2). 

Figure 2

  • On the left navigation menu, click Content (Figure 3.1).
  • Click Events (Figure 3.2).
  • Click Top Events (Figure 3.3).
  • Click Duration Viewed (Figure 3.4).

Figure 3

  • A list of videos will appear by title. These are all the videos for which a duration event has been recorded. The total number of duration events recorded for each video are in the Total Events column.
  • Click a video title (Figure 4).

Figure 4

  • Duration events are broken down by time segments for that particular video (Figure 5.1).
    • Example: If you have 100 events for the label “20 min – 25 mins” that means 100 duration events were recorded for that timespan in the video.
  • View the breadcrumbs at the top of the page to always know at which page you are looking (Figure 5.2).
  • Click the icons on the right side to view the statistics in a pie chart, bar chart, etc. (Figure 5.3).

(info) By default, the labels will be listed in descending order starting with the label that received the most events.

Figure 5

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