Now that you have developed a concept and a plan for your mobile app, it's time to create your proposal.  Before filling out the proposal form, review the requirements section to ensure your proposal adheres to all technical, producer, content, and artwork requirements.  
(info) The earlier the better!  The earlier you can send us your proposal, the more likely we are to be in a position to advise and support the app.

Review the checklist

Before creating and submitting your proposal make sure you have:

       (tick) developed a concept and a plan

       (tick) reviewed and understand all Producer requirements

       (tick) reviewed and understand all App Content & Functionality requirements

       (tick) reviewed and understand all Technical requirements 

       (tick) reviewed and understand all Artwork requirements

       (tick) Submission Requirements

Complete the proposal form

The form below contains important questions that need to be answered before PBS can consider embarking on a mobile app partnership with you.  Please be as thorough as possible when filling out the form. 

(blue star) Click here to create your proposal

Possible outcomes

After submitting your proposal for review, PBS will respond in one of the three following ways: 

 Outcome What this means 


OK to move forward immediately with full PBS support.
(plus)Approve with conditions*Resources not immediately available or app development is not intended to begin right away. This means PBS will revisit your project with intentions to provide support.
(error)RejectPBS will not be involved in app development. Depending on the situation regarding rights, the producer may or may not be able to produce and distribute the app independently.

*Notes on Approve with conditions status:

  • Reserved for projects that are 6+ months from starting.
  • Should go through review process as soon as possible.
  • Project will undergo another review as start date approaches; final approval will be contingent upon that review.
  • Final review will require updates to the concept and platform choice(s) to reflect original goals but adapt to the then-current platform capabilities and market environment.

(info) With each app proposal, it is PBS' intention to maintain an iterative dialog with producers and seek Q&A throughout the entire process.

(warning)  PBS has the first right of refusal for any Mobile Application. If PBS declines to publish your Mobile Application, you have the right to publish independently of PBS, without PBS branding.

(question) Questions?  Contact your program manager with any questions you may have along the way.