When you are ready to produce for PBS.org, you will work with PBS Digital's Producer Products and Services (PP&S) team.  Please review the steps below summarizing the web production process.

New to the PBS.org community?  Check out the New Producers page!

  1. Learn how to submit a proposal.  You don't have to be an existing PBS producer to submit a proposal.  Any producer who wants to propose a new project is welcome. 
  2. Review PBS's production requirements and technical specs.  This is important particularly for those who have broadcasts that will be on PBS.  Reviewing these requirements and specs helps you account for editorial responsibilities such as content moderation and technical responsibilities like load testing in your budget. 
  3. Contact Sarah Jacobs along the way. Sarah is your contact during the proposal process. If your broadcast proposal is greenlit by PBS, she will talk to you about your web strategy and provide options for building a web presence for your broadcast. Once Sarah has approved your web strategy, she’ll assign you a program manager from the PP&S team.  Your program manager is your primary point of contact throughout production.
  4. Your program manager will provide you with a project management space in Basecamp, our project management tool.  Here you can plan and track key milestones such as project planning documentation, a Web Agreement, site maps, wireframes, design comps, QA, launch, ongoing community engagement and project evergreening.
  5. You’ll also work with your program manager to provision a server space for production, and track technical requests through JIRA.
  6. Throughout the process, refer to Producer Exchange for site tools and resources such as best practices.
  7. Editorially QA (including a professional copy edit) and load test your site.
  8. To schedule a site launch, file a Digital Support ticket in coordination with your program manager.