As the roll-out of COVE 2.0 continues we wanted to bring to your attention some changes that have been causing producers problems. 

1. When adding a video to the Legacy COVE Admin tool (not the COVE 2.0 Admin tool) producers should not write titles any longer than 60 characters in the "Episode Title" field.


If you do your video will not show up in the PBS Video portal when you publish it. This is because COVE 2.0 now limits titles to just 60 characters. It is important for producers to keep this in mind because the Legacy COVE Admin Tool does not limit the number of characters you can enter in that field.

2. The Expiration Date field is currently off by 5 hours. This means that if you set a video to expire at a certain time, that video will not actually expire until 5 hours after the time you set. Until this is fixed producers should subtract 5 hours from your expiration date/time. This goes for the both the Legacy COVE Admin and the COVE 2.0 Admin. 

Please keep both of these tips in mind as you publish videos in the coming weeks.