Hello Producers,

We are happy to announce a change in our one-URL policy. PBS now allows show specific URL’s (for example, pbs.org/nature) in Web markers and Web tags. 

If you have an active program with PBS, please contact your PBS Interactive Program Manager to get approval for the URL you want to mention in your Web tag.  Once that URL has been approved, it will be shared with your Senior Programming Associate in PBS Programming, who has final say for on-air Web tag and Web marker presentation. PBS Interactive does not oversee the specific execution of the on-air tag, such as voice-overs or teases.  This will continue to be reviewed and approved by your Senior Programming Associate.

PBSi will be tracking the effects of the one-URL rule on traffic throughout PBS.org. Since fewer viewers may see the home page, we will be reaching out to all of you on how you can provide better cross-promotion to other producers and PBS priorities.

Additionally, ongoing series producers may now mention their presence on Facebook and Twitter in their end-of-show Web tag with language such as “Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.” All other programs may mention PBS’s official Facebook and Twitter accounts. Twitter and Facebook logos are permitted too, but must be minimal. Facebook and Twitter URLs are never permitted on-air.

Twitter hashtags and talent-specific account mentions are permitted for on-going series or designated promotional priorities with the prior approval of your Interactive Program Manager. These are permitted in both Web markers appearing during the broadcast and Web tags at the end of the program. Hashtags are generally expected to be series-specific rather than episode- or content-specific. On-air talent may identify their Twitter account only when contextually relevant in the program.

As with the one-URL rule, you must first get approval for your Twitter hashtag from your Interactive Program Manager.

This policy is now reflected in the Interactive section of the PBS Red Book: http://www.pbs.org/producing/red-book/


Sarah Melville, Kevin Dando & Jayme Swain