UPDATE at 3:30pm on 11/16/11. Publishing in COVE was restored this morning at around 10am. Producers should be able to publish videos now without issue. Videos that were published during this outage should appear. If you are unable to publish or if a video you previously published has not shown up please file a Video JIRA ticket so that we can provide direct individual assistance.


UPDATE at 5:30pm on 11/15/11. Video publishing in the Legacy COVE Admin Tool will remain down tonight. Our Developers tell us that they have isolated the issue and are in the process of completing the necessary changes. They will QA the fix tonight and deploy to production first thing tomorrow morning. At that time they believe all videos that might have been published today will go live.

If you have ingested a video today but not published it, it is best to just wait to publish until we're able to confirm the fix tomorrow morning.

We apologize for the continued inconvenience.

Video publishing is currently down in the Legacy COVE Admin Tool.

Yesterday afternoon some videos (not all) were not appearing after they had been published. 

In order to work on this problem the PBSi Products team needed to shut down publishing in the Legacy COVE Admin Tool at 5am this morning.

Producers can still ingest (submit) new content into the system. You just won't be able to publish it.

Our team anticipates that the ability to publish videos will resume later this afternoon. At that time, you will be able to publish any videos you've ingested. Any videos that were experiencing problems last night should appear as well.

We apologize for the inconvience.

Please contact your Program Manager if you have any questions or concerns.